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Who are you guys?

What do you guys do?

What do guys sell?

Where are you guys based?

How can we reach you?

Is the baby bath kneeler washable?

Are the foam bath toys BPA free?

Is it nontoxic, BPA, lead, phthalate free?

Whats the kneeler made of?

How many suction cups are there on the elbow pad?

Is the elbow rest pad set really anti-slip?

How many inches is the padding?

Will the bath kneeler mat absorb water and become heavier?

How do you clean the Pad of Elbow Rest?

Is there a way to hang this open, not closed, such as an attached loop?

Is this waterproof enough to use inside the bathtub? I kneel in the tub in front of the baby bathtub and need something completely waterproof.

What are the dimensions of the actual products?

Are the pockets for shampoo and stuff made from plastic?

How does the knee pad hang from the elbow rest on the tub?

Does this come with the bath mat too?

Are there pockets on both sides of the elbow pad?

Will this work if I have glass barrier instead of a shower curtain?

what is the weight?

Is the product waterproof?

Is the product safe for kids?

Is the ebook really for free?